Condo Accounting services

Service include depositing monies into the association’s bank account, preparing financial statements, preparing and filing liens on units that are delinquent on their dues or sending to attorney for collections, reviewing all bills and invoices rendered to the Association and generating checks drawn (as specified by the Board).


Condominium Business Management LLC has re-organized into

Balson Bookkeeping Company LLC.

Balson Bookkeeping Company LLC offers professional accounting and administrative services to small businesses and homeowner associations.  With over 30 years of experience in nearly 20 industries, Sally Balson can efficiently handle your information so you can focus on what really matters - running your business.  If you need financial reports for a lender or a potential investor, contact Balson Bookkeeping Company LLC to assemble your records into an accurate accounting of your business.  If you are a homeowner association and need help keeping track of who paid the dues, completing the questionnaires for lenders and title/closing companies, and/or filing Form 1120-H with the IRS, Balson Bookkeeping Company is affordable for all size of associations.  Visit for more information or call (608) 234-0182.

We’ll take care of business so you can focus on what really matters - enjoying your home.

HOA Administrative services

Preparing and filing homeowners association income tax returns, statutory reserve statement (if you didn’t elect to waive this requirement), and annual report with WDFI.